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Enroll Now Preview Course This dynamic program from Business Champion, Jackie Lyles is designed to bring all your business talents to light and elevate them to a level of executive excellence to increase lifetime sales results and new opportunities. Let’s get started!

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You’re here and ready to pave your future. Throughout this course, you will explore the complex business and sales factors that drive all your customer’s decisions. You know, those things your execs measure, Business Outcomes, Bottom Line Results, Top Line Growth, and Return on Investment factors. Understanding these unique motivators and discovering how to tailor your sales approach accordingly—no matter the industry or scale of the project—is critical to becoming a Business Champion and Sales Superstar.

“Simply put, this is what Jackie does. She meets inspiring individuals, builds those relationships, shares her passion, and facilitates connections to make positive things happen.” —Jim Walsh, Senior Vice President of Growth Marketing, Cisco (Charlotte, North Carolina)

But first, what are Business Champions and Sales Superstars?

Business Champions are ambitious, thoughtful and personable people who value relationships with similarly driven professionals. They are known by four traits. They are leaders who are:
1. Willing to change
2. Challenge the status quo
3. Take swift action for exponential results
4. Have access to funding to achieve the dream

Sales Superstars are business champions. They see opportunities, know how to measure business outcomes, and communicate the personal benefits of the partnership to other business champions.

The best part: With Jackie Lyles’ Business Champion Sales Method™, you can be both.

Over the last 15 plus years, Jackie Lyles has developed over 200 sales courses and created SCALE™, a signature approach for incremental revenue growth used by 468 organizations and Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, DuPont, CenterPoint Energy, Baylor College of Medicine and thousands of privately held entrepreneurial companies.

Organized into eight modules, Jackie’s Business Champion Sales Method™ will help you:

  • Distinguish between essential factors that drive client decisions
  • Identify valuable professional relationships and learn how to cultivate them
  • Earn a seat at the table, then lead the conversation with questions that spark curiosity
  • Transform into a creative, resourceful partner that’s big-picture focused
  • Evolve into a “student of the game” by studying a client’s key performance indicators
  • Guide clients through evolving industries as their trusted barometer for innovation
  • Be the catalyst that propels customers to achieving their goals
  • Develop the “Executive Presence” to go toe-to-toe with any fellow business champion

What do Girl Scout cookies, technology, and business and government executives have in common?

Jackie Lyles has sold them all, and sold them well.

Meet Jackie: Business Champion, Futurist, and Best-selling Author.

From 8-year-old entrepreneur Girl Scout to a business owner for 15+ years, Jackie’s professional journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Among her numerous sales awards and recognitions, she was named “Top National Sales Representative” at CPT and “Top Sales Presenter” during the Harris Corporation’s national training program. Jackie and her team increased sales with:

  • Eaton Products Power Systems Division by $500 Million in one year
  • Rebellion Photonics (acquired by Honeywell) from 3 units to 50,000 in 6 months.
  • GE Power Gas Turbines $425 million in 4 months.
  • CenterPoint Energy increase meter count by 55,000 meters breaking all industry records in 18 months.
  • Baylor College of Medicine building the sales strategy to launch Medical SmartPods
  • Cisco gaining a seat at the table for executive strategy with Enterprise accounts.

Armed with a B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, Jackie has developed a massive network of 20,000+ business and community champions from around the world. She knows what it takes to leverage and activate your network, and to solve seemingly insurmountable organizational and community challenges in order to revolutionize your company, relationships, and community.

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