Business Champion Sales Method: PREVIEW

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Module 1: Starting The Adventure – Preview

Learn to distinguish the various business and sales factors that drive your customer’s decisions. A true business champion understands both and tailors their sales approach accordingly. This preview includes full access to all the lessons for this module.

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Module 2: Seeing Business Champions – Preview

Discover the traits of a business champion within yourself and others. Identify valuable professional relationships you have and find out ways to cultivate them.

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Module 3: Leading The Champion Conversations – Preview

Earn a seat at the table, then lead the conversation. Acquire active listening skills, practice “Executive Speak,” and ask fellow business champions questions that spark their curiosity.

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Module 4: Jumping in the River – Preview

Explore the river of opportunity that every professional relationship affords you. Transform into a creative, resourceful partner that is less transactional-minded and more big picture focused.

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Module 5: Willing to go Wide and Deep – Preview

Master your sales approach by studying your customer’s key performance indicators. Evolve into a true “Student of the Game” that can meet any client’s needs.

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Module 6: Knowing Your Customer’s Best Customer – Preview

Build skills and utilize tools that guide customers through evolving industries. Be the barometer for “the next big innovation” and help fellow champions make the best of every opportunity.

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Module 7: Expanding your Customer’s Opportunities – Preview

Identify your customer’s dreams and be the catalyst that helps them achieve their goals.

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Module 8: Being a Business Champion Sales Superstar – Preview

Develop the confidence to walk into any meeting and go toe-to-toe with fellow business champions. Equal parts poise and attention-to-detail, increase your “Executive Presence” and take that final step in becoming a sales superstar.

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